IKT Marmaron Website and E-shop

Transforming Website Design: IKT Marmaron Website & E-shop Development


IKT Marmaron's new Website and E-shop is an innovative platform showcasing their projects, services, latest furniture products with 360-degree 3D views for an immersive and interactive shopping experience & more.

What we've done

  1. Conducted strategic research to understand IKT Marmaron's business and audience.
  2. Designed and built a custom website optimized for their goals.
  3. Designed and developed a custom mobile site for seamless functionality.
  4. Created landing pages to generate traffic and conversions.
  5. Built a modular UI kit for visual consistency across platforms.
  6. Ran design sprints to ideate and test new features.

The Challenge

IKT Marmaron needed a partner to build an exceptional new website and e-commerce shop from the ground up, with short deadlines. This included fixing UX issues, matching their bold vision with an engaging user experience, and providing a framework for rapid iteration as they grow.

How We Helped

  • Created a highly usable and strategic new website that brings IKT Marmaron's vision to life.
  • Designed an immersive, interactive e-commerce shop to showcase their products.
  • Developed a consistent, conversion-focused experience across platforms.
  • Established a modular UI kit to support their growth and design needs.
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