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Our models help businesses make easy design decisions regardless of their project timeline and budget.

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Design Starter

€ 350.00 EUR

Ideal solution for startups and small businesses.

○ 5 design projects
○ 2 social media designs
○ Standard template Dashboard
○ 2-3 days delivery
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Design Pro

€ 1,450.00 EUR

Advanced design for businesses seeking more.

○ 10 design projects
○ 5 social media design
○ Custom dashboard
○ 1-2 days delivery
○ Optional social media analytics dashboard
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Design Elite

€ 2,450.00 EUR

Premium design for ultimate results. 1 Active request at a time.

○ Unlimited design projects
○ Unlimited social design
○ Custom Dashboard
○ Turbocharged project turnaround
○ VIP experience, optional social analytics
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Frequently Asked Question

What is a custom dashboard, and why do I need one?

A custom dashboard is a personalized interface tailored to your specific requirements. It allows you to request designs based on your unique needs, making the design process more efficient and effective.

Can I change my subscription plan at any time?

Absolutely! Our subscription plans offer flexibility with zero commitments. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan or pause and stop it at your convenience.

What is the typical delivery time for design projects?

The delivery time depends on your chosen plan. Design Starter offers 2-3 days delivery, Design Pro provides 1-2 days delivery, and Design Elite features turbocharged project turnaround for a faster experience.

What is included in the social media design projects?

Social media designs can include graphics, banners, posts, and other visuals tailored to your social media marketing needs. The number of included social media designs varies by plan.

Is there an additional cost for the optional social media analytics dashboard?

For Design Pro and Design Elite subscribers, we offer the option to include a social media analytics dashboard. Please check your plan details for any associated costs.

What is the VIP experience mentioned in the Design Elite plan?

Design Elite subscribers enjoy a VIP experience, including faster project turnaround and the option for an advanced social analytics dashboard. This plan is designed for those seeking premium design services and exceptional results.

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